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                          Empty Nest Angela talks about transitioning her life once her twin children became adults. QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary Empty Nest  empty nester   What’s called an empty nester. An empty nester is a parent whose children are grown up and have left [...]
                    Making Breakfast Katie and Todd discuss what they need to make breakfast. QuizGrammarScriptQuiz Grammar Grammar Making Breakfast Basic Quantifiers - Grammar Focus      Point 1: Singular nouns use an article before the noun.    One can replace the noun.  (Q) Do you have a [...]
                         Weekend Shirley talks about her weekend, doing chores, taking in nature and some art.,%20Wildlife,%20and%20Art.mp3 QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary Weekend  ferret I saw a ferret. A ferret is a long, small, furry mammal. Notice the following: Some people keep ferrets as pets. Ferrets [...]
                              Affection Cheryl and Nick discuss showing affection to other people through hugs, kisses and holding hands. QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary Affection  Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson  went out ( go out ) When we first went out .... Here, the phrase [...]
Shipwrecks                        Peter talks with Jana about why conditions favor shipwrecks in some parts of the world. QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary Shipwrecks  southern tip I guess there are many ships around the southern tip of Africa, because there is really bad weather. The 'southern [...]
                         Road Rage Nathan talks with Julia about road rage and dealing with anger on the road. QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary    road rage I can seriously get mega road rage. Road rage is anger drivers feel towards other drivers about how they [...]
                     Treasure Hunt Peter talks with Jana about how hunting for treasure in the sea is becoming quite popular. QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary Treasure  treasure diving You mentioned that you like treasure diving. 'Treasure' is something that is valuable, like jewels, gold, sculptures, etc. You [...]
              Introverts VS Extroverts Rory and Abidemi discuss what type of person they are: an introvert, a quiet person, or an extrovert, an outgoing person. QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary Introverts VS Extroverts  company I much prefer my own company. When you prefer your own company, you like being [...]
The Zoologist                        Michael talks about his mother and why they had lots of animals around the house. QuizVocabScriptQuiz Vocab Vocabulary The Zoologist  zoologist I heard your mom is a zoologist. A zoologist is a scientist that studies and cares for animals. Notice [...]