Making Breakfast

Katie and Todd discuss what they need to make breakfast.
making breakfast


Making Breakfast


Basic Quantifiers – Grammar Focus

 Point 1: Singular nouns use an article before the noun.  
 One can replace the noun. 

(Q) Do you have a car?

(A) Yes, I have a car.
(A) Yes, I have one.
(N) No, I don’t have a car.
(N) No, I don’t have one.

 Point 2: Uncountable nouns use any and some before the noun. 
 Any and some can replace the noun. 

(Q) Do you have any paper?

(A) Yes, I have some paper.
(A) Yes, I have some.
(N) No, I don’t have any paper
(N) No, I don’t have any .

 Point 3: Countable plural nouns use any and some before the noun. 
 Any and some can replace the noun. 

(Q) Do you have any books?

(A) Yes, I have some books.
(A) Yes, I have some.
(N) No, I don’t have any books.
(N) No, I don’t have any.
(N) I have no books.

 Point 4: For negative statements, 
 all forms can use no to replace the determiner. 

(N) There is not a park in town.
(N) There is no park in town.
(N) I don’t have any time.
(N) I have no time.
(N) I don’t have any international friends.
(N) I have no international friends.


Auodio Script

Making Breakfast

Katie: So, I want to make breakfast for everybody. Do we have anything to make breakfast with?

Todd: We do, but not much. I think we need to go to the store. Let’s make a list, and I’ll buy some stuff today and bring it back for breakfast.

Katie: Okay. Well, how about eggs? Do we have eggs?

Todd: Oh, yeah. We have plenty of eggs. We have maybe two dozen eggs. I bought eggs yesterday, so we have enough eggs.

Katie: Okay. How about pancake mix? Do we have pancake mix?

Todd: I don’t think so. I think we have some, but it’s not enough, so I will buy more.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: How much do we need?

Katie: Maybe two packets.

Todd: Two packets? Okay. Two big boxes?

Katie: Yeah, maybe two big boxes of pancake mix.

Todd: Okay.

Making Breakfast

Katie: Do we have any sugar?

Todd: I don’t think so. We have some, but again, I think it’s not enough, so I’ll buy-

Katie: I like to make a lot of pancakes.

Todd: Okay, so I’ll buy a lot of sugar.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: I’ll buy a big bag of sugar.

Katie: That sounds good. Do we have any milk?

Todd: We do have a little, but it’s not enough, so I’ll buy some more. Maybe two cartons of milk? Two liters?

Katie: Sounds good.

Todd: Okay.

Katie: Do we have any bacon?

Todd: We don’t have any bacon.

Katie: No bacon?

Todd: No, but we have ham. We have lots of ham. Can we have ham instead of bacon?

Katie: No. It’s got to be bacon.

Todd: Okay, so I’ll buy some bacon. How much?

Katie: How about six rashers of bacon?

Todd: Okay.

Katie: Or six packets of bacon.

Todd: Six packets? Okay.

Katie: Sounds good. Do we have any coffee?

Todd: We do, but probably not enough, so I’ll buy a big can of coffee.

Making Breakfast

Katie: Okay. Everyone needs to drink coffee.

Todd: Yeah. Plus, we need coffee for us.

Katie: Of course. How about juice? Do we have any juice?

Todd: We do. We actually have lots of juice. I bought juice two days ago, and it was on sale, so I bought three cartons of juice.

Katie: Three cartons?

Todd: Yeah. We need to drink the juice.

Katie: Okay. That’s not a problem, then.

Todd: Yeah, we have enough juice.

Katie: Do we have any syrup?

Todd: I think we also have a lot of syrup because we had breakfast a while ago, and we didn’t use that much, so there’s enough syrup.

Katie: Okay. How about when it’s time for washing up? Do we have any dish soap?

Todd: I think there’s some, but not enough, so we need to buy some more.

Katie: We’re going to have lots of washing up to do.

Todd: Okay. I’ll put that on the list.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: All right. I think the list is complete. We should be okay.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: I’ll buy everything, and then we should have enough of everything for breakfast tomorrow.

Katie: You buy it, and I’ll make it.

Todd: Oh, sounds good.

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