Shirley talks about her weekend, doing chores, taking in nature and some art.




I saw a ferret.

A ferret is a long, small, furry mammal. Notice the following:

  1. Some people keep ferrets as pets.
  2. Ferrets are cute because they are very active.



They’re a little furry animal.

Fur is animal hair. Something furry has lots of fur. Notice the following:

  1. He has a furry hat, but it is fake fur.
  2. We saw something furry, but couldn’t see what is was.



I didn’t see any other animals on the ground.

Ground means the surface of earth. Notice the following:

  1. When I camp, I like to sleep on the ground.
  2. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up.



I think it was an ibis.

An ibis is a bird with long legs and a long beak. Notice the following:

  1. Ibis like to hunt fish with their beaks.
  2. Ibis like to stand in water.



I really like art, especially sculptures.

A scupture is art made by forming material into a certain shape. Notice the following:

  1. There is a sculture of a man on a horse in the park.
  2. We ordered a special ice sculpture for the party.

Audio Script


osh: Hey, Shirley.

Shirley: Hey, Josh.

Josh: So how was your weekend?

Shirley: Hmm, quite busy this weekend.

Josh: Really? Those are hard.

Shirley: Yeah.

Josh: So what did you do on Saturday?

Shirley: Well, Saturday morning, I usually clean the house.

Josh: Okay.

Shirley: Yeah. It’s kind of boring, but I have to clean the bathroom and then the kitchen, and then the lounge room because I have lots of cats. And the cats leave hair everywhere. So I always have to clean on Saturday mornings.

Josh: Yes, cats are messy.

Shirley: Yeah.

Josh: So after you cleaned, what did you do?

Shirley: Well, in the afternoon, I went for a walk up the mountain. It was a beautiful sunny day. There were no clouds in the sky.

Josh: Wow.

Shirley: It was gorgeous. So I walked up the mountain and I saw a ferret.

Josh: A ferret?

Shirley: Yeah.

Josh: Wow.

Shirley: They’re a little furry animal, four legs, tail—not like a rabbit, but about the same size as a rabbit.

Josh: Okay.

Shirley: And they’re kind of gold brown color.


Josh: Wow, did you see any other animals on your walk?

Shirley: No. I didn’t see any other animals on the ground. But I did see a beautiful bird flying in the sky.

Josh: Wow. Do you know what kind?

Shirley: I think it was an ibis. It’s a big bird that usually walks in the water. It has long legs and it was white with a black head.

Josh: Great. So after your walk, did you do anything else?

Shirley: I went home and then I watched some TV.

Josh: Okay.

Shirley: That was about it for my Saturday.

Josh: Okay. What did you do on Sunday?

Shirley: Sunday, I went to the art museum.

Josh: Really?

Shirley: Yeah.

Josh: Great.

Shirley: I really like to go and see new art; pictures or paintings or photographs or sometimes sculptures.

Josh: Okay. So who’s your favorite artist?

Shirley: I don’t really have a favorite artist but I really like watercolors, so pictures that are painted with just soft—a kind of soft painting style.

Josh: Do you like paintings of nature?

Shirley: I do like paintings of nature. I especially like paintings of flowers and animals and places that have water like lakes or rivers or the sea.

Josh: Oh, that sounds like you had a great weekend.

Shirley: Yeah, it was good. Thanks.

Josh: Okay.

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