House on Loan

Katie talks with Todd about staying at his house.
House on loan


House on Loan


 That works 

You can do that. That works.

The phrase ‘that works’ means there should no problem doing something.

  1. Can we meet Tuesday instead of Monday?
  2. Yeah, that works.

 a couple 

a couple dollars a day

A couple just means two items.

  1. I bought a couple shirts
  2. I ate a couple pieces of pizza.

 whatever you want 

You can do whatever you want.

Here, whatever you want means, anything you like, or as you like.

  1. You can eat whatever you want.
  2. He feels he can say whatever he wants.


My friend is a heavy smoker.

If you are a heavy smoker, a heavy drinker, or heavy user, that means you do that activity a lot. Notice the following:

  1. He is a heavy drinker.
  2. She used to be a heavy smoker.

 anything you like 

You can use anything you like.

Here, anything you like means whatever you want or as you like. Notice the following:

  1. You can say anything you like.
  2. You can eat anything you like.

 check it out 

You can check it out.

When you check something out, you take notice of it, or look at it with interest. Notice the following:

  1. You should check out the new cafe?
  2. I did check it out. I did not like it.


Audio Script

House on Loan

Katie: Hey Todd, can I ask you a favor?

Todd: Sure, anytime.

Katie: Um, I really need a place to stay, and I heard that your place is on AirBNB.

Todd: It is on AirBNB. I do rent my house, but for you it’s free.

Katie: OH, amazing. Can I stay there then?

Todd: You can. How long?

Katie: Maybe a week or two weeks.

Todd: OK, when?

Katie: From next Monday.

Todd: Yeah, actually, you can do that. That works.

Katie: Excellent. Thank you so much! How about a car? Can I park my car?

Todd: Ah, that’s a problem. You can’t park your car because there’s no space, but there’s a cheap parking lot about maybe two blocks away.

Katie: OK.

Todd: So, it’s only a couple dollars a day.

Katie: OK, I guess I can park my car there. How about cooking there? Can I cook?

Todd: Of course, you can cook. I have a stove, a frigerator. You can bring your own food. You can do whatever you want.

Katie: Excellent. Thank you. Can I use the Internet?

House on Loan

Todd: You can use the Internet. There’s a password. I will write down the password before I leave, and I will write down the password before you get there.

Katie: Excellent. Thank you so much! I was thinking about asking my friend if he can stay. Can my friend stay over?

Todd: Yeah, sure, so your friend can stay. Not a problem I don’t think.

Katie: He has a dog? Can he bring his dog?

Todd: Oh, that is a problem. Does the dog have a cage?

Katie: Ah, no, but we can get a cage.

Todd: I’m not sure about the dog. If the dog is in a cage, it’s OK in the house but I think you can’t have the dog in the house.

Katie: OK, how about smoking? My friend is a very heavy smoker. Can he smoke outside?

Todd: Yeah, he can smoke outside, just please pick up cigarette butts, but of course, he can’t smoke inside.

Katie: OK, he can’t smoke inside.

Todd: No.

Katie: OK, how about if we want to have a party? Can we have a party?

Todd: Yeah, you can have a party. That’s OK, but please be quiet. Don’t be too loud. The neighbors live very close to my house.

Katie: Alright, that sounds good. Thanks. And I have one more question. Can I use the washing machine?

Todd: Yeah, of course. You can use anything. You use the washing machine. You can use the Internet. You can use the TV. You can use anything you like.

Katie: Wow, excellent. That sounds great. Thank you so much.

House on Loan

Todd: Yeah, I will write down directions for my house, and I will send you a map, and you can check it out and get all the information, and just I will leave the key for you with my neighbor.

Katie: Excellent. Thank you very much!

Todd: Sure, no problem.

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