A Typical Day

Aimee and Todd talk about how their routines differ slightly.
A Typical Day


A Typical Day



I have coffee every morning.

Every means very high frequency. It modifies a noun. Notice the following:

  1. I eat breakfast every morning.
  2. I try to sleep eight hours every night.


What time do you get up most days?

Most means high frequency. It modifies a noun. Notice the following:

  1. I get up early most days.
  2. I play sports most weekends.


always have coffee.

Always means very high frequency. It modifies a verb. Notice the following:

  1. The sun always rises in the morning.
  2. He always eats lunch alone.


usually have toast.

Usually means high frequency. It modifies a verb. Notice the following:

  1. We usually have a break at two o’clock.
  2. She usually is on time.


Sometimes I go eat at a restaurant.

Sometimes means low frequency. It modifies a verb. Notice the following:

  1. We sometimes order pizza for dinner.
  2. It sometimes rains on Sunday.


never cook.

Never means very low frequency. It modifies a verb. Notice the following:

  1. She never goes to the gym.
  2. I never sleep past noon.

Audio Script

A Typical Day

Todd: So Aimee, let’s talk about routines?

Aimee: OK.

Todd: What time do you get up most days?

Aimee: I get up … I get up about six.

Todd: Oh, wow! That’s early. I’m about the same. I get up at 7ish, usually.

Aimee: OK, and what do you ear for breakfast?

Todd: I usually have toast. I’m lazy. I don’t cook in the mornings, so toast, but I always have coffee

Aimee: Right. Yeah, that sounds good.

Todd: Yeah, I love coffee. Do you have coffee every morning?

Aimee: I have coffee every morning. I also have hot water and fresh lemon juice, every morning.

Todd: Why?

Aimee: Because it is good for your body, and I enjoy it.

Todd: OK. Good. So when do you leave the house most days?

Aimee: I leave the house about seven o’clock.

Todd: Wow, that’s early.

Aimee: It is. Maybe between seven and seven-thirty. Yeah. How about you Todd?

A Typical Day

Todd: A little later, usually around 8.

Aimee: OK.

Todd: And where do you eat lunch every day?

Aimee: Every day? I eat lunch at work every day, so I will buy something from the cafeteria at my work, or I will bring something

Todd: Most days, what do you have for lunch?

Aimee: I have a sandwich and a smoothie.

Todd: Mm, that’s healthy.

Aimee: Yeah.

Todd: You’re healthy.

Aimee: No, not really. (laughter) Yeah, sandwich and a smoothie and probably a chocolate biscuit.

Todd: Ooh, OK. That’s not healthy.

Aimee: It’s not. And you?

Todd: I eat at the cafeteria every day at my school and I always have salad every day. I love salad, yeah! I usually have a very healthy lunch. I have lean meat. Chicken usually and a salad and tea.

Aimee: That does sound healthy.

Todd: It is, kind of. A healthy meal of the day.

So, every day, who do you talk to?

Aimee: I talk to my children every day. Yes, we talk a lot.

Todd: What do you talk about?

Aimee: We talk about our everyday routine. I remind them to do their tasks, and I remind them to get on with …

Todd: the chores?

Aimee: Yes. Chores and their routine.

Todd: What do they do? What chores do they do?

A Typical Day

Aimee: Well, they’re still young, so my two-year old doesn’t do anything. She brings her plate to the kitchen when she’s finished. She’s good at that actually. My eight-year old, she folds her clean laundry and puts it away

Todd: Oh, that’s good.

Aimee: Yes.

Todd: Nice. Very responsible. So when do you get home most days?

Aimee: I get home around six o’clock. How about you Todd?

Todd: Oh, I get home late. I get home around ten o’clock.

Aimee: Oh, that is late.

Todd: Yeah, very late. So I work late. I live alone so, I work late and I go to the gym and sometimes I go eat at a restaurant.

Aimee: Nice.

Todd: I never cook.

Aimee: I never go to the gym.

Todd: (Laughter)

Aimee: (Laughter) What time do you go to bed then?

A Typical Day

Todd: I go to bed early actually. I get home at nine or ten and I go to bed by eleven usually. And you?

Aimee: Eleven’s early.

Todd: It is early.

Aimee: OK, I think I’m probably about the same. Eleven o’clock. Yeah, I go to bed about eleven o’clock.

Todd: OK, so how many hours do you sleep most nights?

Aimee: I guess I get about seven. Six or seven hours.

Todd: Yeah, I get eight. I love sleeping.

Aimee: You sleep more at the weekend?

Todd: Hmm! You sleep in Saturday and Sunday?

Aimee: I try if I can.

Todd: Sunday is easier to sleep in.

Aimee: OK, thanks Aimee.

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