Clothes for Work

Todd has very few pieces of clothing. He explains why this is a part of his life.




 that’s it 

I have my green slacks and that’s it.

The phrase, that’s it, has two meanings. One meaning shows something is completed. The other meaning shows that there is no more information to share. Notice the following:

  1. For lunch I had an apple. That’s it.
  2. I have one pair of shoes. That’s it.


I have my outdoor sneakers and my indoor sneakers.

Sneakers are sports shoes, or trainers, that people wear for sports or fashion. Notice the following:

  1. Air-Jordans are very famous sneakers!
  2. I only wear sneakers when playing basketball.


I’m not a flip-flop guy

Flip-flops are just rubber sandals made especially for the beach or summer-wear. Notice the following:

  1. At the gym, you must wear flip-flops in the shower.
  2. In summer, all I wear are flip-flops.


I usually like to wear tank tops

A tank-top is a t-shirt with no sleeves, showing all of the shoulders and arms. Notice the following:

  1. In summer, many people wear tank-tops.
  2. People with big muscles like to wear tank-tops.

 pale skin 

I have very pale skin.

People with pale skin have very light skin, and often burn easily in the sun. Notice the following:

  1. My skin gets pale in winter.
  2. You need to put sun screen on your pale skin.

 long johns 

When I was little, I wore long johns.

Long johns are thick body tights men wear in cold weather, somethings as pajamas, Notice the following:

  1. My grandfather always wore long johns.
  2. Long johns will keep you warm.


Audio Script


Meg: Hey, Todd. I noticed that you only have two pairs of pants.

Todd: Oh no. Really? Yeah, yeah. You got me. I have only two pairs of pants for work. I have my green slacks and my black slacks, and that’s it. I don’t like to buy clothes and I travel a lot, so I really don’t have that many clothes.

Meg: Are you not into fashion?

Todd: Yeah. I’m not into fashion. I’m not really interested in clothes or shopping. And I only have clothes for the season. And after the season, I usually throw the clothes away.

Meg: Oh really?

Todd: Yeah. So to save money, I don’t buy a lot of new clothes each year.

Meg: Wow. So you only have clothes for the season.

Todd: Yes.

Meg: Well, what clothes do you usually wear in summer?

Todd: Well, summer is great because you don’t need a lot. In summer, I just have four or five t-shirts. I usually have some white t-shirt or, you know, a blue t-shirt which has some letters on it or maybe a little bit of English. But usually, my t-shirts are really simple. And then I have some jeans, usually two pairs of blue jeans, and I have shorts for doing sports or running or exercising. I have four or five pairs of shorts. And that’s about it.


Meg: Well, since you do some exercising, do you also wear sneakers?

Todd: I do. I always have two pairs of sneakers. So I have one pair of sneakers for the gym, and then I have one pair of sneakers for just walking around town, and also for running, for jogging. So I have my outdoor sneakers and my indoor sneakers.

Meg: What about flip-flops?

Todd: I’m not a flip-flop guy. I do have a pair of flip-flops for the beach or for going to the store quickly, but I usually prefer to wear my sneakers.

Meg: In the summer, it’s so hot, I usually like to wear tank tops but I have to put on sun-block. What about you?

Todd: I do have to wear sun-block. I have very pale skin, so sun-block is very important. I should wear it more often, but I do have a hat, so I always wear my baseball hat in summer. So to protect myself from the sun, I just wear my hat all the time, and sometimes, sun-block.

Meg: So those are the clothes you wear in summer. What do you wear in winter?


Todd: In winter, I’m also pretty basic. Each year, I usually buy a couple of new dress shirts, long-sleeve dress shirts that go with my slacks that you see at work. And that’s about it. The only clothes I always keep, I always save are my nice jackets. I have two nice jackets for work, and I wear my, you know, my business jackets to school. And that’s about it.

Meg: It does get really cold in winter. When you go outside, do you wear anything extra?

Todd: No. I don’t like scarves and I don’t like things like ear muffs and gloves. So I usually just keep my hands in my pockets. But I do have a couple of sweaters. So each year, I like to buy one or two new sweaters. And I do wear those sometimes.

Meg: Sweaters are warm. What about when it snows? Don’t you wear boots?

Todd: No. I don’t wear boots. And luckily, it doesn’t snow that often where I live, so I don’t have boots. But I should buy some, maybe. Sometimes, I buy the really cheap rubber boots or plastic boots that I know I don’t have to keep for a long time. But, you know, boots like that are easy to get rid of.

Meg: Do you ever wear something like long johns?

Todd: You know, when I was little, I wore long johns. I grew up on a farm and it was very cold. But now, not so much. I don’t wear long johns. But I do have sweat pants, so I have sweat pants and the sweat shirt for exercising in winter. I usually have two or three sweat suits like that. And sometimes, I wear those to bed.

Meg: Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. So summer, winter, what do you wear in fall and spring?


Todd: Well, fall and spring is great because in fall and spring, you can wear nice clothes. So usually, if I buy dress shoes, I like to wear those in fall and spring. In winter, sometimes, the dress shoes aren’t really good for the snow but I like to wear nice dress shoes in the fall and spring.

And then, sometimes, in the fall and spring, I might wear a tie when I go to work. And of course, I have my slacks and I have my jeans, and I have my, you know, running shoes. So I keep those as well.

Meg: As a woman, I often wear skirts. And so, sometimes in the fall and spring, I wear tights underneath the skirts but you don’t wear tights, do you?

Todd: No, I don’t. Although, these days, when you go to the gym, they have special tights now for men that you can wear when you exercise. So there’s like the running gear is almost like tights. It looks almost the same.

Meg: Wow, that’s interesting.

Todd: Yeah, kind of strange.

Meg: So for any season, do you wear any accessories?

Todd: No. I’m not a big accessory person. Like I said, sometimes, I wear a tie, but not often. And of course, I have a belt. I need a belt, but I have one belt, and that’s it. But I don’t like things like necklaces or, you know, bracelets. I don’t really like jewelry. I do wear a watch sometimes but I don’t wear a watch everyday because now, you don’t need a watch. You can just look at your phone.

Meg: That’s true. I usually use my phone also.

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