Saving Money

Abidemi and Todd talk about if they are good at saving money.

Saving Money


Point 1: The word ‘so‘ has many different meanings. Notice the diffrerent ways it is used below.
  1. So, what did you do last night?
  2. This soup is so delicious.
  3. I want to save money, so I have two jobs.
  4. So, I want to go to your party, but I am so busy, so I can’t.
Point 2: We can use ‘so’ to show we are about to say something or add new information.
  1. So, what do you think of the new cafe?
  2. So, when is the meeting again.
  3. It is hot. So, why don’t we go swimming.
  4. So, who should I talk to?
Point 3: We use ‘so’ as a coordinating conjuntion to show a connection between actions.
  1. It was hot, so we went inside.
  2. It was very expensive, so I did not buy it.
  3. It is getting late, so you better hurry.
  4. I am very busy, so I do not watch much TV
Point 4: We use the word ‘so’ before an adjective to show a very high degree or quality of something.
  1. She is so nice!
  2. This is so delicious.
  3. The clothes here are so expensive.
  4. This game is so fun!

Audio Script

Saving Money

Abidemi: Todd, are you good at saving money?

Todd: No, I’m terrible. I waste money. I waste so much money.

Abidemi: How?

Todd: Well, I don’t buy things on sale. I don’t use coupons. I buy anything I see.

Abidemi: So, when I shop, I don’t look at prices. I just see the food or the thing and I get it and I buy it and I pay for it. And, then it’s sometimes very expensive, so I just waste money. I don’t budget. I need to budget my money but I don’t budget my money.

Todd: What about you? Are you good at saving money?

Abidemi: I don’t think I’m too bad at saving money. I look at prices a lot. I also buy a lot of things on sale, so I’m able to save some money.

Todd: So, you look for discounts.

Abidemi: Yes, I do.

Todd: Do you use coupons or special offers?

Abidemi: No, I don’t, but if I see some I will use them.

Todd: So, do you waste money on anything? Like, maybe eating out, buying clothes, renting movies?

Abidemi: I waste money on buying clothes.

Saving Money

Todd: Oh, okay!

Abidemi: But, I save a little bit because I buy them on sale.

Todd: Ah, do you buy things online?

Abidemi: No, I don’t. I usually go into the stores to shop.

Todd: I’m good with clothes too, so I don’t spend much money on clothes. I only shop maybe once a year. Or, I only shop if I need something, like it’s really cold and I need a jacket.

Abidemi: I see.

Todd: And, I’m really bad, so I often only wear clothes people give to me.

Abidemi: That’s good!

Todd: Yeah, so I get shirts or ties for Christmas gifts or a birthday gift, and I do that. My mom often asks … every year, my mom asks, “What do you want for Christmas?”, “What do you want for your birthday?”

Todd: And I’ll say, “Underwear and socks” or “Socks and T-shirts”. And so, she buys them for me and then I don’t have to buy them.

Abidemi: Wow. Sounds like you’re an easy person to give a present to.

Todd: Yes, for clothes. Yes, for clothes. But, I waste money on computers and electronics and those things are expensive, so I buy a new computer every year. I have four computers now in my house.

Abidemi: Wow.

Todd: I have five mobile phones.

Abidemi: Wow.

Todd: I have an iPad. I have lots of electronic equipment. So, I spend so much money on those things.

Saving Money

Abidemi: I waste money on traveling.

Todd: Ah, yeah.

Abidemi: Every year, I take about one or two trips to different countries, so that’s where a lot of my money go.

Todd: Yeah, traveling is expensive.

Abidemi: Yes, yes.

Todd: But, when you travel, do you save money? Do you stay at cheap hotels? Or, do you buy cheap plane tickets?

Abidemi: I try to. I try to all the time. But, usually the plane ticket is so expensive that a lot of my savings is already gone.

Todd: Yeah, I know. I buy my tickets online, usually with Expedia. And, it’s cheap. It’s pretty cheap. I waste money on food. I eat out almost every day.

Abidemi: Wow.

Todd: Or, I buy my dinner at the supermarket almost every day. Do you waste money on food?

Abidemi: No, I don’t. I usually get bored if I eat out too much, because even though I am not a very good cook, there are some thing that I cook that I like to eat. So, I would miss those things. So, no, I don’t waste money on eating out.

Todd: Ah, that’s interesting. So, you save money, I waste money. You have to teach me your tricks. You have to teach me your tips on saving money.

Abidemi: Please teach me how to get cheap travel tickets.

Todd: It’s a deal.

Abidemi: Thanks.

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