Todd and Aimee talk about their favorite things.

Favorite Foods






We use the phrase “honestly” to show we are surprised by a statement. Notice the following:

  • I think cows make great pets.
  • Honestly!



We use the phrase “classic” to show we think something is funny for being old. Notice the following:

  • My dad wore a bow tie to the baseball game.
  • Classic!



We use the phrase “yeah” to show we are listening but we have nothing to say. Notice the following:

  • I love this new coffee drink.
  • Yeah.



We use the phrase “nice” to show we think a statement is interesting. Notice the following:

  • I just bought a new car.
  • Nice!



We use the phrase “right” to show we agree or have nothing to reply. Notice the following:

  • My house gets so cold in winter.
  • Right.

 That’s true 

That’s true

We use the phrase “that’s true” to show we agree with a statement. Notice the following:

  • Most people need to get more sleep.
  • That’s true.


Audio Script


Todd: Hey Aimee, how are you today?

Aimee: I’m good, thanks Todd. And you?

Todd: I’m good. Pretty good. Let’s talk about your favorite things.

Aimee: OK.

Todd: What is your favorite food?

Aimee: Ooh! My favorite food is avocado.

Todd: Avocado?


Todd: Wow!

Aimee: How about you?

Todd: My favorite food is pizza, I think. I love pizza.

Aimee: Oh, me too!

Todd: It’s so good.

Aimee: It’s so delicious.

Todd: Yeah.

Aimee: And what is your favorite movie?

Todd: Well, my favorite movie is Star Wars.


Todd: I know. And you? What is your favorite movie?

Aimee: Well, I do love Star Wars too, but my favorite movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.


Todd: Ooh! I like that movie a lot. Very good. Very good. So I was in high school the same time as the movie

Aimee: Were you?


Aimee: Great!

Todd: So cool. Who is your favorite actor?

Aimee: My favorite actor is Jean Reno.

Todd: Hmm, the Frenchmen.

Aimee: Yes. Yes, he’s French, but he’s been in a lot of American movies too.

Todd: Yeah, I like the movie Leon.

Aimee: Love it!

Todd: It’s very cool.

Aimee: Yes, I agree. How about you?

Todd: My favorite actor is Brad Pitt, so I like Brad Pitt a lot.

Aimee: He’s great.

Todd: Yeah, he is good.

Aimee: Very talented.

Todd: Ah, who … I’m sorry … what is your favorite season?

Aimee: My favorite season is probably Spring. I think. It’s … the cool of winter has passed and it’s not too hot yet, so I think Spring. How about you? What’s your favorite season?

Todd: Oh, my favorite season is the Fall or Autumn. I love the Fall. I love the colors. It is not hot. It is not cold, and they are many holidays, and my birthday is in the Fall.

Aimee: They are great reasons to love Autumn.

Todd: So, when is your birthday?

Aimee: Actually, my birthday is also in Autumn. My birthday is in October.

Todd: Oh, wow! Me too. My birthday is also in October. What day?

Aimee: ۱۴th!

Todd: ۱۴th!

Aimee: And you?

Todd: The second. Cool! So next year let’s have a birthday party together.

Aimee: OK.


Todd: October birthday party.

AimeeGood idea.

Todd: So what is your favorite city?

Aimee: My favorite city is probably Osaka.

Todd: Oh, in Japan.

Aimee: Yes, yes. So far. Yes, Osaka is very noisy and colorful and the people are very open and talkative, so I really enjoy Osaka.


Aimee: How about you? What’s your favorite city?

Todd: I think my favorite city is Barcelona.

Aimee: Ooh, in Spain.

Todd: Yeah, it’s very nice.

Aimee: It is.

Todd: It’s warm. It’s beautiful. The food is delicious.

Aimee: Yes.

Todd: People are nice.

Aimee: Yes.

Todd: But it’s expensive.


Todd: A little bit.

Aimee: Yeah.

Todd: But Osaka is expensive.

AimeeThat’s true.

Todd: Very expensive.

Aimee: Yeah.

Todd: OK, thanks.

Aimee: Thanks, Todd.

Todd: Bye.

Aimee: Bye.


اسکرول به بالا